Neighborhood Health and Safety

Reduce new Substandard and Derelict Building Cases Created by 25% by December 2018

As the condition of our neighborhoods improve, the number of new cases should decrease over time. The target for this goal is 75% of the prior year's total cases. When properties are not maintained they may endanger public health and safety. Reducing the number of blighted homes will make neighborhoods feel safer.

Average Days from Inspection to Compliance for Substandard Buildings

Maintain average number of days from inspection to compliance below 75 days through December 2018

Average Days from Inspection to Compliance for Derelict Buildings

Maintain average number of days from inspection to compliance below 225 days through December 2018
What do we do? The Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) department responds to community concerns of blighted properties through Code Enforcement. Officers evaluate reported structures and work with property owners to correct identified violations of the City Code. 
Key Strategies for Improvement:
  1. Outreach and education to neighborhood groups build community-wide awareness, which helps the department response to early warning signs of violations. As a result of this effort, the department may see an increase in the number of new cases, while the average length of cases from inspection to closure will decrease. 
  2. Early intervention efforts are focused on helping previous repeat violators connect to resources before new violations occur. 
  3. NCS is updating City codes and working to update State legislation so that code violations may resolved more quickly. This effort includes enhancing the requirements for the registration of derelict buildings by property owners.
Key Challenges to Compliance:
  1. Foreclosures, unoccupied, and abandoned properties are most likely to become derelict. Often properties will remain vacant for years during the process reclamation or change of tenancy.  Identifying current owners of vacant properties and encouraging them to make repairs are a barrier to compliance.
  2. Home repairs are costly. Property owners may require extended timelines in order to finance necessary repairs on substandard buildings. Assistance program for home repair are limited and generally do not cover the entirety of the costs.

Open Substandard and Derelict Cases
Cases by Neighborhood

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City of Tacoma Municipal Code Definitions
Substandard: Any building or structure with a minimum of 50 violation points.
Derelict: Any building or structure not approved for human occupancy.

Lisa Wojtanowicz 
Neighborhood & Community Services Division Manager
Report violations to 311 or online.