Access to the Library

Increase library visits to 1,460,000 visits by December 2018

This goal is measured by tracking the number of library visits.

Why is this important?

Tacoma residents will be able to access our collections and the many services of the Library System; the educational programs, as well as the educational benefits of the Library's mission including literacy of the citizenry; technology for use in the Libraries; the expertise of the Library staff; the library facility as a community gathering place.

What will we do?

The Library will increase the hours of operation to Moore, Kobetich, and Wheelock branches. Starting in 2019, these branches which will be open Sundays from 1-5 p.m. during the school year. Extended hours will improve access to materials, programs, and services. These services are important to Tacoma’s vibrancy and can be vital for many City residents.
Tacoma Public Libraries
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